YZ Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") was founded in 2021, is a leading terminal manufacturer in payment industry. As a core subsidiary of TANSN corporation, we are committed to delivering innovative, and secure payment solutions to customers, focusing on providing customers with high quality and cost-effective terminal products and services. The company adheres to the core concept of "serving customers, scientific and technological innovation" and takes "professionalism, safety, convenience and efficiency" as the standard, and is stable and far-reaching.
  The company focuses on payment terminal products, is guided by customer needs and user experience, continuously optimizes product design, always adheres to technological innovation, pursues safe and stable product quality, continuously improves comprehensive service quality, and has strong market competitiveness. At present, electronic payment terminal products such as cloud speaker, scan code POS, mPOS, wireless POS and traditional POS have been fully launched. At the same time, according to the application scenarios of the banking and payment industries, we will actively explore new areas of financial terminal solutions such as biometric identification technology and digital currency.
  The company has obtained "China UnionPay Payment Terminal Product Enterprise Qualification Certification", "ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification" and other qualifications, and its products have passed PBOC, UPTS, 3C, SRRC, State Secret and other industry certifications. At the same time, it attaches great importance to intellectual property protection and has accumulated more than 30 patents.
  The company has a complete after-sales system, provides 7×24 hours of after-sales service support, and provides users with high-quality, efficient and professional after-sales service.
  We serve as a proxy for China's financial terminal manufacturing capabilities and possess the global capacity in this regard.